We provide several services that provide our customers with options that benefit them in many ways. We offer training seminars for technicians on our products. We offer studies/labwork to help improve processes already in place, which will usually benefit the customer in lower costs due to improved efficiency using our products and services. We also offer a variety of inventory options to help assist our customers in their unique needs to better facilitate production schedules. We also offer on site visits as much as the customer needs to assist in using our products and to offer help with other situations that may arise in a process.

  • Filterability Studies
  • Optimization
  • Stock/Inventory
  • On Site Visits
Beacon Separations Group

The services we as a distributor provide are free of charge and are meant to be a benefit to you our customer for using the products that we carry. If there are any questions in regards to these services feel free to contact us and discuss.